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Eleventy Rewrite + Netlify

by cthos
About 1 min

Hey there! Long time no see.

I've been super busy doing stuff that isn't working on my personal site that I've not had any time to update it whatsoever. But since it's the holiday season and I have some time, I figured I'd rewrite it in Eleventy. Turns out it was super easy to convert from Metalsmith to Eleventy, thanks to the static blog starter. It did a huge amount of the work for me.

Over the next...whenever I can make time for it.... I'll be updating the styles to not look like the site was made by someone who has zero eye for design (it me!).

Also! The site is now deployed on Netlify, which was super easy to set up. Like, 2 commands and it's running easy. Even integrates with my private gitlab instance. So good.