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Reworking the Blog

by cthos
About 1 min

So! The time has come once again to rework the blog. I'll be doing a lot more writing in a couple of different places.

First off, for what I'll be working on professionally, head on over to this Cthonic Studios Post where I outline several of the TTRPG and Software projects I'll be doing in 2024 (I'm super excited about all of this). is where I'll be doing all of my "professional" blogging, complete with musings on all the philosophy of TTRPG stuff I've been thinking about, as well as updates on the games I'll be making. by contrast will be the place where I do a lot of musing about tech, personal updates, and the like. I'll likely link back and forth from one site to another - but one thing's for sure, I'll be doing a lot more blogging on both sites in the very near future.

Likewise, I'll be setting up some mailing lists - if you'd like to get updates from me it's relatively easy to subscribe by creating an account on Cthonicstudios, but there will also be a separate mailing list for here.

Hope you all stay tuned for what's next, because I'm going to do my darndest to make 2024 a fun and transformative year.

P.S. I may decide to migrate this site over to either a different host (away from Netlify), and I may also move it from 11ty to Ghost (but I also love 11ty - but I enjoy the editorial experience of Ghost and the nice features it enables). So we'll see. For now, I rest.