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Headphone Reviews

Okay, so where do I start? I have a ton of true wireless earbuds and I've been itching to get a post about them out. First we'll start off with a table of all the ones I've used, along with several of their traits, and then I'll write a review of each one of them along with some helpful links if you want to know more.

Note: I've not finished doing the microphone reviews yet, and I intend to have a sample of each of the microphones available, but I'll get to that eventually.

Now, obviously this is all super subjective. Especially the comfort category. So take everything in here with the proper grain-of-salt...ness.

Headphone Matrix

HeadphoneBattery Hours (Buds)Battery Hours (Case)Bluetooth VersionANCNoise IsolationLow LatencyTracking (Find)IP RatingMicrophoneSound QualityComfortCase SizePrice
Skullcandy Sesh Evo5195.0NoSomeNoYesIP55233$29.99
Skullcandy Indy4125.0NoSomeNoNoIP55224$39.99
Galaxy Buds6135.0NoYesYesPartialIPX22442$66.50
Galaxy Buds Live6155.0YesNoPartialIPX2451$219.99
Apple Airpod Pros4.5185.0YesSomeNoYesIPX44551$99.99
LG Tone PF96155.2YesSomeYesPartialIPX42441$139.99
Sony WF-1000XM48165.2YesYesYesPartialNone5541$279.99
Sony WF-1000XM34125.0YesYesYesPartialNone415$199.99
Razer Hammerhead (Gen 1)4125.0NoNoYesNoIPX4333$43.00
JLAB Air Executive6.5245.0NoSomeNoNoIP550224$40.00
Status Between Pros12365.2NoYesNoNoIPX5442$149.00

Some notes:

  • Tracking (Find) denotes whether or not there's a "Find My" equivalent - either via Apple Find My, Tile, or otherwise. "Partial" generally means that if you're in bluetooth range you can make them beep loudly.
  • Case Size - 1 = Smallest, 5 = Largest. 1 is about the ideal and is compared to the iPod Pro case size.
  • Comfort and Sound Quality are both 1 = Worst, 5 = Best.

Headphone Reviews

Skullcandy Sesh Evo

These are the cheapest on the list, and for the price they're surprisingly solid as far as budget earphones go. If I'm going somewhere with a reasonably high liklihood that the headphones won't return with me, these are the ones that are coming.

Sound-wise, they're generally pretty flat - but they do support 3 different EQ modes which can tweak the sound a little. In my experience, they don't really make that big of a difference.

They're not uncomfortable, but they're not exactly comfortable either. I can wear them for a reasonable amount of time and not notice they're there - but activating the buttons can take a bit of effort since you need to push them inward towards your ear canals.

The case itself is a good size. Reasonably pocketable, and holds the buds without too much issue.

Skullcandy Indy

These are actually pretty disappointing, they're very similar in sound quality to the Sesh Evos, but they're worse in about every other way that counts. The Case is too big to be pocketable, the buds themselves are not comfortable, the wings come off of the buds when you try to take them out of your ears.

If you want a set of Skullcandy, just go for the Sesh Evos.

Galaxy Buds

I picked these up right when Samsung released them, and they were my daily drivers for a long time.

The original buds do not have ANC, but they do a pretty great job at noise isolation. They do have the option to allow noise through so that you can hear the surroundings through the noise isolation.

The IPX2 rating lets them survive a bit of a sweaty run, but anything more than a light drizzle is going to potentially cause some problems with the buds.

Fit wise, they feel great - the isolation doesn't feel unnatural or like there's any pressure build up.

Sound quality is pretty good, they have an equalizer that you can tweak - the bass notes aren't very pronounced though.

Galaxy Buds Live

Okay, so these little beans are bizarre and I love them.

First off, they do have ANC, and it works fairly well - but there's zero noise isolation so the sounds from the outside tend to leak in. But the ANC does help mitigate that some.

Fit wise, these fit in the ears in the most unique way out of all of the buds I own. There is no silicon part to seal the ear canal, they just sit in the lower portion of the ears. Even so, they're in there pretty good - I don't think I can shake them out by shaking my head vigorously.

Otherwise, their sound quality is on par with the Buds, with a little bit of quality suffering because of the lack of seal.

Apple Airpods Pro

These are basically the gold-standard for me. They're very comfortable, have strong ANC, have a very pocketable case, etc.

One of the best selling points is if you're on the Apple Ecosystem, switching between paired devices is really quick. Likewise, Spatial Audio is really ...neat? Bizarre? I don't know but I like it.

To Be continued.

I'll update this page when I've got some more time to type out the rest of the reviews.