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Website Benchmarking

I've recently been evaluating different website benchmarking tools, so I though I would take a moment to highlight two of them I have used recently.
ab is the Apache Benchmark tool, and it comes bundled with Apache. It's a pretty simple cli tool, used to test the throughput of a website. It has a bunch of different options you can pass to it, but the most important are -c (number of concurrent connections) and -n (number of requests). It's man page is pretty well written, so I'll let you... Read More

CiviCRM API Part 2

A very brief continuation of my CiviCRM API exploration from the other day.
I have gotten everything up and running, but there are a few more things which one needs to be aware of when querying against the search API.
Custom Fields
You can query against custom fields which you've defined for your CiviCRM contacts, but you have to query them with the name custom_{id} where ID appears to be an auto incrementing key, that you will either need to look up in the database, or querying against the... Read More

CiviCRM External API Access Problems

Recently I was working on getting CiviCRM to work with external API access, because I have a multi-site install which needs to be able to communitcate with the contact database across all of the sub-sites without having the plugin turned on (for reasons I'll explain in a moment). Now, API v3 does look like it is a great improvement over v2, however, it has been less-than-documented, and important information is scattered in various locations. I'll try to summarise what I've learned here to... Read More