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Shutterstock vector art of some computer magicWe've got a problem decades in the making

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Not too long ago Anil Dash wrote a piece for Rolling Stone titled “The Internet Is About To Get Weird Again” and it’s been living rent free in my mind ever since I read it. As the weeks drag on, more and more content is being slurped up by the big tech companies in their ever-growing thirst for human created and curated content to feed generative AI systems. Automattic recently announced that... Read More

Let's do some "Game Development"

Shutterstock vector art of some hands typing in front of a monitor showing an animation editorThe other day, a friend asked me a complicated question wrapped in what seems like a simple question: “How long would it take to make some simple mini-games that you could slap on a web page?”

My answer, as many seasoned developers will be familiar with (and of course it’s coming out of the architect’s mouth) was “It depends on the game and the developer. I could probably churn out something pretty good in a few days, but it’d take someone more junior longer”.

This set off the part of my brain... Read More

Passkeys: your friendly password replacement

Update: 04-26-24 - whooboy, so apparently I've missed some marketing nonsense around Passkeys. At some point, someone decided that Passkey === Resident Key and that apparently stuck? I wasn't aware of that, but I'm gonna link to a technical blog here where you can read more about the chaos.

As a result, this means the information below is a little...weird? Like, it's all still accurate except apparently "passkey" means "usernameless / discoverable key" in public parlance.... Read More

Handheld update time

I've made a new review about the Asus ROG Ally over in the reviews section, but due to an artifact of how I set up the RSS feed, you won't know about it unless I make a stub here. So! Here's the stub. Read More

Reworking the Blog

So! The time has come once again to rework the blog. I'll be doing a lot more writing in a couple of different places.

First off, for what I'll be working on professionally, head on over to this Cthonic Studios Post where I outline several of the TTRPG and Software projects I'll be doing in 2024 (I'm super excited about all of this). is where I'll be doing all of my "professional" blogging, complete with musings on all the philosophy of TTRPG stuff I've been thinking... Read More

Steam Deck vs Ayaneo 2

Deck Battle, iPad for scaletl;dr - If you're most people, get a Steam Deck. If you've got similar use cases to me Ayaneo 2 might be for you.

I don't think I've ever posted about this before, but I wanted to take a bit of time to talk about one of my pretty-obvious hobbies. Despite having way too many side projects, and working too many hours in the week, I still like to try and find some time to play video games.

After working 50-60 hours a week, I like to unwind - but I don't really have a great place to play console... Read More